Water Tank Cleaning  Service.

The water tank cleaning is practical sanitation to be performed by Water Tank Services in Lahore every six months for tanks used in shops, homes or industries. The purpose of water tank cleaning is to ensure the quality of drinking water and also the safety for consumption.

Research indicates that improperly stored and improperly treated water tends to suffer the action of bacteria harmful to human health and cause serious water-borne diseases, which represent up to 80% of the occupation of hospital beds in developed countries. This high and quite a representative number shows the need to treat water tanks and reservoirs.

This is because their surfaces, in frequent contact with stagnant water, tend to facilitate the formation of the so-called Biofilm, a layer not only composed of inorganic compounds.

In addition to the quality of life of your family, these are statistics that help illustrate the importance of keeping tanks, reservoirs and water tanks always clean, further raising the health and hygiene standards of your customers and families, thereby eliminating the factors that cause the proliferation of water-related diseases.

The lack of water tank cleaning in Lahore can lead to several inconveniences, such as clogging of equipment due to accumulated dirt, the emergence of algae that release toxins, contamination by bacteria and protozoa that can cause health problems. This service must be carried out with the utmost care, so that the water tank dirt does not spread and contaminate the pipes and water points, such as taps and showers.

Water-Borne Diseases and their Impact:

Diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Hepatitis, Giardiasis, and Cryptosporidiosis and guinea worm infections represent about 80% (including diseases due to sanitation problem) of all diseases and are responsible for 33% of deaths. 


The most common of all water-borne diseases, diarrhea, mainly affects children below five years of age. The symptoms include dizziness, dehydration, pale skin, and loss of consciousness in severe cases. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks and can turn out to be fatal if it goes untreated.


It is mainly caused by bacteria named Vibrio cholerae via consumption of contaminated food or drinking water. The symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal cramps. Cholera occurs predominantly in children, but can also affect adults. It possesses a mortality rate that is alarmingly high among the water-borne diseases.People with a suppressed immunity, like those who are malnourished or infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), are at a heightened risk of death if they’re infected with the bacteria.

Vibrio cholerae, Gram-negative bacteria. 3D illustration of bacteria with flagella. Image Credit: ktsdesign / Shutterstock


Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria transmitted via contaminated water. The patients typically suffer from prolonged episodes of fever, loss of appetite, nausea, headache, constipation, and loss of body weight. Prompt attention is needed to cure typhoid in the patient, as well as to prevent the spread of this contagious disease.

Illustration of typhoid fever. Image Credit: Artemida-psy / Shutterstock


Hepatitis A

This condition mainly affects the liver and is caused by Hepatitis A virus. The route of contamination is usually oral, while it also spreads through physical contact with an infected person. Hepatitis A patients manifest common symptoms such as fever, nausea, and vomiting, but can suffer severe complications if they’re not treated in time.

Solution of all dangerous Diseases of drinking water. 

 Clean your Water Tank and  Safe your family and yourself from all dangerous diseases.

Bin Bashir Water Tank Cleaning Service?

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