Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan

BIN BASHIR  is the  best Solar Energy Solutions  in Pakistan deals in top-tier products to deliver high performance solar customized solutions. Our products and solutions are made to meet all kind of solar needs for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. We offer extensive consultation, permitting and installation services that produce remarkable results and transform the way you consume energy. Our team of surveyors and installers are professional and experienced. Because you care about the future and your independence. Solar energy reduces the costs of your energy consumption significantly and protects the environment. Because fossil fuels and uranium are scarce and are becoming increasingly scarce. Thus, assuming energy demand is increasing globally by 2.2% annually as currently, the reserves of coal (65 years), natural gas (38 years), petroleum (30 years) and uranium (40 years) will be used up in this century. Anyone can imagine how this affects the prices. In addition, their degradation and consumption are harmful to the environment and the environment. The sun provides energy without end. It still seems for at least 4 billion years. The silicon used to make the solar cells is the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen. We all know the dangers of nuclear power generation. Renewable energies can completely replace nuclear power. And that would be desirable too.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills with BIN BASHIR  Solar Packages

BIN BASHIR  only believes in using quality Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan that will perform to, or above, our customer’s expectations. We want to our ensure that our solar solutions provides you with the opportunity to take control of your energy  consumption and positively change your energy behavior, resulting in savings. Our solar solutions are designed with that aim in mind and are backed by 02-Years workmanship warranty. 
Reduce Your Electricity Bills  ON-Grid System Packages
BIN BASHIR packages designed for household and commercial users who want to reduce your electricity bills and get benefits of Net Metering. If you install solar on-grid system at your home with net metering, you can reduce your electricity bills  also reduce money you can spend each year on energy. Even you can make money if you can produce more than your consumption. Our solar solutions are designed with that aim in mind and are backed by 02-Years workmanship warranty. The payback period of your solar system is less than 04 years.  
Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan