termite control
  • Termite Control Service:

This is a fact of life that any quantity of termite is extremely destructive and hazardous; whether it is hidden or visible in the house.

  • Insects Killers:

In general home dwellings, human health and the environment is not only disturbed by the termite but by many other types of insects as well.

  • Bed Bugs:
    Generally, the usage of pesticides is considered highly injurious to the health of the human beings. In addition to it, the usage of the pesticides…
  • Subterranean Termite:
    Subterranean termites often enter the home from areas where wood comes in contact with the ground their preference to build their nests underground.
  • Dampwood Termites:
    Damp wood termites typically do not construct their nests in soil and do not construct mud tubes. damp wood termites are not as destructive as subterranea.
  • Pest Control Services:
    For the permanent peace of mind and for the protection of health, you must worry about the complete control of pests to protect your family…
  • Fumigation & Extermination Services:
    Fumigation is a service which is recognized, around the globe, as one of the most effective measure for the control of stored product insects (SPIs).
  • Drywood Termites Treatment:
    Dry wood termites need less moisture than either subterranean or damp wood termites to survive. Other items they may infest include dead or dying.
  • Water Tank Cleaning:
    Tanks must be cleaned from time to time for various reasons. One reason is to change the type of product carried inside a tank. Another is to allow the tank to be inspected or for maintenance…
  • Water Proofing:
    Maximum roofs in Pakistan are built the usage of reinforced concrete which is known to have pores or capillary tracts resulting in roof leakage. Bin Bashir Trading Company is Provides most Practical solution for this problem.
  • Heat Proofing:
    Weather of Pakistan is very hot with unpredictable rains. Unfortunately, most of the residential houses have not been constructed by taking weather into consideration during construction that’s why most of our houses are absorb sun heat too much directly and remain hot and warm making life very tough of their residents.
    Being the country of dominantly poor people, all the people of Pakistan cannot afford air-conditioners or other cooling equipment. To solve these entire problems and to give Pakistan a cool living environment, we have launched special Roof heat proofing services in Pakistan to facilitate the residents living here.
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    We are also manufacturer of high Quality Hygienic Cleaning Products for industrial, Commercial and Domestic use.
  • Our Products:
  •  Ultra Shine White Phenyl.
  • Ultra Shine Dishwashing Liquid.
  • Ultra Shine Toilet Cleaner.
  • Ultra Shine Detergent Powder.
  • Ultra Shine General Cleanser. 


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